Landscape Design and Planning


Depending on the clients needs we can:

  • Draw a detailed plan (this is most often the case), or
  • Meet for a 'person to person' garden or landscape advice session.

Example Plan

Example plan

A landscape plan is usually the best approach because it:

  • Provides direction
  • Allows the client to 'see' the landscape prior to construction.
  • Provides a 'road map' to follow if the client is doing their own landscape.
  • Allows for 'apples for apples' quoting if the client is engaging contractors 

The Process

Need a plan?

For a landscape or garden plan I can draw up a design for your property based on your needs and your site. I now design plans with a CAD package which produces them as PDF files - click on this link to view a sample

Initial meeting:

We initially meet to discuss ideas.

The first meeting is held at a cafe, or alternatively we can meet at your office if you wish. We know this is different to what people expect, however we also know that we provide clients with an experience and value that will surpass their normal expectations.

In this first meeting I like to go over your needs, and show how I can help. I provide a DVD of work we have done and a booklet "the home owners guide to landscaping". I can sketch up some ideas of what could be done with your landscape, as well we can calculate a realistic budget for your new landscape  using our specialised budget calculation process.This means you wont be left " high and dry' with a quote for your landscape that exceeds your budget. 

My fees for the initial meeting is $80.00 GST inc., unless you are a referred client, in which case the first meeting is free. 

Please call me for more details (04) 4774744 or 0274794195

Clients experience of initial phone call and cafe meeting 

“I rang Jon who was very helpful on the phone with all my questions, then we decided to meet at my work for the initial `coffee meeting`. This meeting was so beneficial to see how Jon works, what will be delivered, how the process works and more... all in the comfort of a café.  I walked away from this meeting knowing exactly what I was going to get with my engagement with Jon and I was completely impressed with my first initial drawing for the landscape plan that he created while we talked.
Thanks Jon.”


Onsite consultations and garden sessions

These are available on request. The cost for a session depends on how long we meet, and the scope of the session.   

“Throughout the whole process I found Jon to be extremely professional and a knowledgeable gardener. His ability to interpret my needs into a creative, but practical plan proved to be effortless and took the stress out of a daunting task. Jon was very pleasant to deal with, and at all times approachable. I liked his practicality, speedy and tidy work style, and his good humour. Once again, I am very pleased with my low maintenance garden. I would not hesitate in recommending Jon’s services to other gardeners who require help with their property.”

Ruby Ngan Kee

The design process

The design process involves a number of steps:

  • Client brief - this involves finding out what the client(s) want. For example, this may be a play area for children, or a preference for native plants.
  • Site analysis -this involves finding out what the site conditions are like, in terms of climate, soil, existing features, services and views.
  • The base plan - this is drawn to scale, usually 1:100, showing the house, boundary and features.
  • The concept plan - this defines what each area in the garden will be used for, and how they will be connected.
  • The planting plan - this shows where plants go in the garden, how many, and their characteristics.
  • Construction details- these show more detail regarding structures such as walls and decks. Engineers plans may be required for some structures, especially if building consents are required.

It is essential that the clients are involved throughout the whole process, so that the end product feels like their own. It is often difficult for clients to visualise what to do with their garden, as they live there all the time, and there may be differing points of view! I can take on board those ideas and create a finished plan in a more objective manner.

Why should you get a landscape or garden plan for your property?

A landscape plan is a valuable investment. It can help you avoid making expensive mistakes, and in the long term save you time and money. For example, you could purchase plants that are unsuitable for your site, and watch them perish, or you might end up with a structure such as a retaining wall that doesn’t suit your purpose, or could fail due to inadequate drainage or construction.

A plan is something you can work with over time. It gives you a holistic approach to achieving your goals in the garden rather than a piecemeal one.

Landscape construction (with example garden development)

Once a final plan is completed, I can then provide quotes. If that is accepted, I can get the work done to a professional standard. I provide you with a contract, that details the work involved, payment schedule, and guarantees for the plants and work.

Explore the example garden development to see how a garden development proceded from plan through to the finished garden.

Blog / Newsletter


As part of my business I do a quarterly newsletter (now a Blog) of gardening tips for the Wellington region. You can read it here or I can send it to your email.

Now that the newsletter is a Blog I will sometimes do extra blog entries, and you can comment on online, or even suggest topics!

"I look forward each month to Jon's newsletter to see what useful tips he has for my garden. I have transplanted my Daphne as after reading one of his newsletters I realised my Daphne was planted in the wrong area for what it liked." Carolyn Freedman

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Garden talks and Training


I regularly give talks to garden clubs, garden centres, and provide training to staff members of horticultural and landscape firms.

I enjoy giving talks or running training courses on gardening and landscape related subjects as I have lectured for 11 years at various polytechnics in Wellington.

If you want me to give a talk or training to your customers or staff please contact me.

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