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Palmers Fruit Growers Handbook: Due out July 2010 by Diana Anthony and Jon Muller is an easy to use, practical guide to growing fruit trees for the New Zealand and Australian gardener.

  Edible Garden Planner. Growing organic fruit and vegetables year-round. (A guide for New Zealand and Australia) by Diana Anthony and Jon Muller is a companion guide to The Small Edible Garden, this new book will help you to plan your garden over the year, making decisions easier and more effective. It will take the guesswork out of gardening, maximising your enjoyment of both the garden and its produce.

Plant Pruning A to Z, A New Zealand Guide by Jon Muller is an enlarged, glossy, version of the A-Z Pruning Handbook with over 200 plants.

"I recently reviewed Plant Pruning A to Z a NZ guide by Jon Muller. Most gardeners need some guidance in pruning or management of shrubs and trees, and at $29.99 it is a great buy" The Tribune 28/11/2004, Wally Richards


The A - Z Pruning Handbook for New Zealand by Jon Muller is a useful guide for students and keen gardeners wanting to prune with more understanding and skill.

"This book is a cut above the rest - especially for amateurs like me… Author Jon Muller has left nothing out." The Press 5/09/98


Wellington Gardens - Successful gardening for Wellington, Kapiti Coast and Wairarapa by Jon Muller.

"This book is ideal for the Wellington gardener as it shows the diversity of growing conditions and microclimates in the Wellington Region and how gardeners can select and grow plants that will work for them. It also gives examples of people who have developed successful gardens throughout the region and the secrets of their success." Mike Oates, Manager of Gardens and Natural Areas, Wellington City Council.


The A-Z Plant Health Handbook for New Zealand by Jon Muller Written especially for New Zealand conditions, this useful handbook will help to keep your plants in tip-top condition.

"The A-Z Plant Health Handbook for NZ is the most informative, up-to-date general gardening book that I have come across for finding chemical and organic solutions to numerous plant problems" The Tribune 02/06/02

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All my books can be bought from good bookshops around New Zealand. Alternatively you can buy signed copies directly from me. Please fill in the form below and send a cheque to PO Box 13-402, Wellington, New Zealand.

Edible Garden Planner
Plant Pruning A-Z
Out of print
Wellington Gardens
 Fruit Growers Handbook          $24.95    
A-Z Pruning Handbook
Out of print
A-Z Plant Heath
         Out of print
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